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Re: Grub!!!

Am So, den 30.05.2004 schrieb Chiheb Djabri um 20:29:
> I'd like to know what doing to reinstall grub boot loader 'cause I
> have ton reinstall Windows Xp and I Know It will delete Grub from MBR

I suppose you have a atapi drive (/dev/hda) as your first disk. After
having installed Windows you should boot the Fedora rescue system from
CD 1 (type rescue oder linux rescue on the prompt, cf. the explanation
on screen). The system will find your Linux partition and mount it. On
screen you will find some instructions, how to chroot to your system
(i.e. making your previously installed system to the root filesystem,
instead of the rescue system). If you have a seperate /boot partition,
you should check if if is mounted in the correct position, too
(otherwise mount it by "mount /boot"). Then install grub by typing
   grub-install  /dev/hda


> thanks
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