Problem with SCSI drive order

Dan Haines dan.haines at
Mon May 31 00:06:52 UTC 2004

Am I able to STOP the 2nd internal SCSI drive from mounting at boot,
then manually mount if AFTER boot, forcing it to be sdc?

Im struggling with this one.. please help..


On Fri, 28 May 2004 03:45:22 +0000
Dan Haines <dan.haines at> wrote:

> Hi list
> I have a problem.  (who doesnt, right?)
> I have a cluster setup, high availability, using clumanager.  I also
> have external RAID configured on these two machines.
> Originally, when I upgraded to FC2, the RAID came up as /dev/sda, and
> the internal hdd came up as /dev/sdb.  With that not being desirable,
> I made a change to the initrd, using this command:
> mkinitrd -f -v --preload=aic79xx /boot/initrd-2.6.5-1.358custom.img
> 2.6.5-1.358custom
> The preloaded scsi driver, is the one controlling the internal drive.
> This change, made the internal drive become /dev/sda again, and the
> RAID/dev/sdb, like I want it.
> Now, Ive just installed a 146gb SCSI disk into one of the servers, and
> after a reboot (I could see no way to make FC2 pick up the SCSI drive
> without rebooting) its picked up the 146gb new SCSI disk as /dev/sda,
> moved the original internal SCSI disk to /dev/sdb, and moved the RAID
> to/dev/sdc.
> Preferably, I would like this:
> /dev/sda 	= Internal SCSI disk
> /dev/sdb	= external RAID
> /dev/sdc	= the new SCSI disk ive just added
> I need /dev/sdb to be the RAID, as Im using RAWDEVICES to allocate
> some common drive space, for the cluster software to run.  These
> RAWDEVICES are /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2 (on RAID)..
> Please, can anyone offer me some assistance, or a way to force the new
> SCSI disk ive just added, to become /dev/sdc?
> TIA!!!!
> Dan
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