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Re: How to preserve users in new install?

On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 10:57, Christopher Stone wrote:
> OT: but why do you want to do a fresh install instead of just upgrading?

maybe he/she will shift to another distro which is one of my plans ..
can these be possible? especially if our server is using samba as our
PDC machine.. can i store the setup?

maybe they have a policy of not overwriting a working system - but they want to get a seperate system (on a second disk) working first. Then if the new system had problems, they can just go straight back to the old system - because they did not 'upgrade' it.

This is what I do, having my disks in caddies...

Doing an 'upgrade' would be simpler I'm sure, until something goes wrong.
Then I'm thinking: well, was the new version installed correctly or is there
really a problem in the new version... ?

No, I'd rather start from scratch and know whats on my disks... and have a
spare disk with a known working system on it...


ps. my answer to the original question - I do exactly what you
suggest and it works for me. But I do keep a lot more files:


NB. ignore leading '.'

basically, I keep ALL the config files I ever change.

and then I can use them directly or as a reference in the new system...

and I keep all this (and /home) on a second disk, so I only need to re-install
over the first 'system' disk.

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