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Re: [FC2] Really slow after installing lots of new fonts.

> Le dim, 30/05/2004 à 17:43 +0200, Coume - Lubox.com a écrit :


My friend gave me a cd of freeware fonts and I installed all of them
around 22,000 fonts... It sounds to me great as now, I would be able to
have lots of font for designing logo, etc...

But since I done that, there is a major problem! FC2 is very very slow!
In fact, everything is longer to load up and OpenOffice won't load
anymore, it always crash.

Is there a way to speed up things again?
and perhaps something to cache only the most common fonts, but keeping
all the others there to use them when I will need them :/

Well, remove some fonts:)
Really all the systems I know behave the same - with the prohibitive
prices foundries charge for well-designed fonts (as opposed to the free
ones that are mostly logo/title junk) the population that needs to work
with thousands of fonts simultaneously must be really tiny.

I'm not saying that's good, just that "the user will have a small number
of fonts" is a common enough software assumption.

I too have had this problem with FC2. I had some 6000 or so fonts installed. OOo would not start at all. I removed the fonts; and all is well now.
I had the same 6000 plus fonts in FC1 too. I expereienced NO such problems with FC1. OOo couldn't see the fonts in ~/.fonts in FC1; I wonder if this is an OOo problem?

-- David S. Yates LPIC-1 Linux Certified http://lottalinuxlinks.com Linux User since 1996

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