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Re: FC2 on Intel 440GX (was FC1 on Intel 440GX)

On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 16:49 +0200, Greg Wildman wrote:
> I have not yet upgraded my 440GX box to FC2 (it's on the TODO list) so 
> no new ISO. I was under the impression that FC2 did not suffer from the 
> same problem. Can anybody confirm or deny?
> Not sure what you are saying here. Why would you need the bootdisk if 
> you are doing a yum upgrade?

** sorry posting response back from another email account **

I first tried a virginal install of FC2 on the 440GX box, and yes it
hangs at the aic7xxx driver load. I can get FC1 on the box with your
boot disk cd easily - and i had to use yum to get it to FC2 for my
production SVN server. However, i have a number of other 440GX machines
i need to do, that having a new boot disk and installing FC2 initiallt
would be a HUGE help and time savings. The FC1 to FC2 exercise took me
an entire day to work out all the little nuances and get EVERYTHING

If you want, and you care to share just how you did it, i can probably
manage to create one, just let me know. Either way, this would be a
great help.

Thanks in advance
Michael Weiner

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