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Re: Xfce with FC2

Hi BT,

I know its on the cdrom, I installed it, it didn't seem to work for me at all, it had issues pertaining to something not complying with Xorg's stuff, so what I had happening was there was no title bar etc etc Some of the plugins I wanted weren't installing correctly et al.

The easiest way to fix that without installing the FC2 rpms is to just install/compile the SRPMS from XFCE.org and they work just fine out of the box. I don't know if I am the only jackass who is having this problem with the bundled XFCE but if I am I would like to know what I am doing wrong.



bob brong com wrote:

I'd like to try XFCE, and although it says its distributed with FC2, I cant
find it within the distro. It's not found with up2date or yum (I added
livna, too). Any help would be appreciated. Does it come with FC2 or am I


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