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Re: AMD64 - Yum/Apt sources

On May 31, 2004 06:08 am, "Linux" <linux herbasource com> wrote:
> The only problem I am having is that FC2 will not install to my Maxtor
> 200gb sata drive although it see's it, it detects all other hardware ok and
> install to a 30gb Maxtor  IDE drive ok. I believe that it might be
> something to do with the fact that FC2 does not see hd over 130gb as it
> might not support LBA48, as suggested by Paul in my other post.

This bull, FC2 has no problem with drives over 130gb. I have the ASUS SK8V and 
am running off of a 200GB WD. I have a Biostar Via  K8T800 Chipset Board here 
at work and It sees drives over 130GB fine. We build clusters of 4TB with 
Opteron systems and they see the 250GB drives fine. FC2 doesn't have a 
problem with LBA48. 

This could be a bios issue or maybe a firmware issue with the maxtor drive. My 
prefessional experience with Maxtor SATA drives has been awful. Not only 
where the vaporware for over a year they fail more often than the the WD JD's 
and Seagate and until recently were only available with 1 year warranty. 

* Seagate of course only offered 1 year warranty as well. Now they offer an 
option to purchase an extended warranty.

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