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Re: [FC2] Really slow after installing lots of new fonts.

On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 16:47, dsyates wrote:
> I too have had this problem with FC2. I had some 6000 or so fonts 
> installed. OOo would not start at all. I removed the fonts; and all is 
> well now.
> I had the same 6000 plus fonts in FC1 too. I expereienced NO such 
> problems with FC1. OOo couldn't see the fonts in ~/.fonts in FC1; I 
> wonder if this is an OOo problem?

did you only experience problem with ooo? Cos' I was experiencing
problem with OOo but also with other apps, as the loading time was much
longer and evertyhing was much longer after I installed those fonts.

It may exist a OOo problem there, but it's more the way FC is managing
the fonts which is in question IMHO.

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