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Re: Grub Reinstall Problem!!!

Am Mo, den 31.05.2004 schrieb Chiheb Djabri um 16:05:
> I tried to Reinstall Grub...because it lost it after insalling XP but
> I failed.... the /boot is already mounted...si all I did is
> Grub-install /dev/hda7 ( I was not sure wich partition I use to boot).
> Is there a command that can list allo partitions in my hard disc. Do I
> have to make active the Fedora Partition after installing Grub????

If you have lost your grub by a windows install, you lost your MBR (the
first boot sector on your harddisk). The content of your /boot partition
is still in place.

To reinstall the mbr you have to perform
    grub-install  /dev/hda

You should boot from the first Fedora CD in rescue mode, the program
will found your Linux installation and mount it. It will give you some
information how to make your installed root partition to your new root
(chroot command). Check, that the /boot partition is mounted, too.


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