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Re: [FC2] When try to install a Logitech Quickam Pro 4000, I can't get anymore sound...

Am Mo, den 31.05.2004 schrieb Coume - Lubox.com um 18:52:

> I don't know if one one you managed to get a Logitech Quickam Pro 4000
> working under FC2, but I personally can't...
> I followed the steps given by the pwc driver, and then rebooted the
> computer. As this time, kudzu recognized the cam, and ask me 5times in
> the rows if I wanted to configure it... Once I access the windows
> manage, KDE in my case, the sound server is not accessible anymore.
> I have to unplug the cam, reboot and unconfigure the cam to get sounds
> again :(

Boot without the webcam plugged in. Then sound will work as ALSA
accesses your soundcard and not the webcam as snd-card-0. After bootup
attach the webcam, maybe run kudzu to let it configure. Always plug the
cam only in after you booted.


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