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Re: ATI Radeon 7000 and DRI

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 04:10, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Alan wrote:
> > I have a Radeon 7000 card on an Athlon system with a SiS motherboard.
> > 
> > I installed Fedora Core 2 on it.  X worked all through the install.
> > 
> > When I rebooted the system, the screen goes black and the system hangs.
> > (Or at least X goes into a state I cannot get out of without a hard
> > reboot.)
> Can't you get to a text console with Ctrl-Alt-F1 ?

Nope.  X goes into an unusable state.

> I'm interested because I have an ATI Rage Mobility P/M card
> in my Sony C1VFK which will only work at DefaultDepth 8.
> Otherwise I get a black screen gradually shrinking to a white screen -
> but I can always get to a text console.

If I disable DRI I can 24 bit color.

> > If I comment out the dri line in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, it works fine, but
> > I do not get hardware acceleration.
> I tried this, but it had no effect in my case.
> It seems to me the Xorg "ati" driver is less than perfect.

I guess I have to bribe Keith Packard with sushi to get it work.

Sounds kind of fishy to me...

"Australia was founded as a penal colony.
 America was founded as an insane asylum."

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