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RE: FC2 on Intel 440GX (was FC1 on Intel 440GX)

On Behalf Of Florin Andrei
> If i had to rebuild the installer boot disk again for FC2 i'd be
> :-)

> Luckily, all you have to do is enter "linux acpi=force" at the FC2
installer boot prompt.

> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=107880

> Don't upgrade, but backup/reinstall. It's your only chance to clean up
the cruft.

> Also, just look at the mailing list archives and see all those horror
stories from people who choose to upgrade instead > of doing a clean
reinstall. Like: "i upgraded to FC2, and now my Gnome menus are all
mangled". Doh, you reap what you 
> sow. ;-)

> Upgrade seems to be used as the lazy one's path, instead of being a
last-chance method (when, for really _objective_ 
> reasons, backup and reinstall from scratch is impossible).
> The only things that i carry over from one version to another,
unchanged, are a few application's directories 
> (Evolution) and files (Mozilla bookmarks, Gaim nicknames caches), etc.
The rest gets rebuilt from scratch.

> In an ideal world (people knowing what they do, etc.), upgrade would
be used like 100 times less often than it is now.

Well fortunately for me, these are SERVER installs, and as such, I do
not care about gnome/kde and the like. All I care about are
server-related pieces and as such, those UPGRADE fine almost 100% of the
time with limited nuances. Besides, in my specific case there is no
CRUFT on the box, as it was a CLEAN install of FC1 to begin with, and
all I did was yum upgrade the box to FC2, any CRUFT left over is very
very minimal if not non-existant. And when you are doing over 500
servers, backups are just not feasible, nor a good way to spend my time
- if I loose a box, I simply DD another working server to a new disk,
and whala that bad box is back up and happy - I have a saying ["... Look
ma' NO BACKUPS!!!" mweiner ag com] 

Anyway, the intent of the initial email was NOT to begin a thread on the
proper way to install/upgrade/update an OS, as there are as many methods
to perform this as for any given instance of one's needs. I was merely
probing to see if Greg Wildman had a chance to upgrade or even "think"
about re-doing his original work. Agreed, there is no real need provided
the acpi=force option works 100% of the time - I will soon see.

Michael Weiner

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