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Re: Modem connects but no internet

On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 01:41:21PM -0700, Jason Kretzer wrote:
> Hello all,
> here is my scenario.
> I used wvdialconf and set up my modem.  I have done this various times
> with no problems.  After connecting to my ISP, I opened mozilla and no
> websites could be found.  I then opened a terminal and tried to ping a
> website or two and received location not found(or similar) messages.

I cannot tell for sure if you're saying that it USED to work and now
doesn't, or if you're saying it has never worked.

> I chose to install everything as I wanted to test drive about all of
> the components.  I have not updated anything.  During installation, I
> enabled the firewall security but only allowed SSH and WWW(http) through.
> Any ideas why I can connect to my ISP but cannot get to any websites
> or other internet sites?

1) Routing problem
Does "route" when run as root show the default route? Is it correct for
routing stuff out to your ISP ?

2) Nameserver problem
Does your dialup provide automatic name server definitions, or do you
have to configure that manually? Either way, is it correct? 

> Thanks,
> -Jason
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