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Re: For how long is Fedora Core 1 going to be updated?

I disagree with any suggestion FC2 is not entirely stable. There are some major changes in it such as XFree86 -> Xorg and Kernel 2.4 series to 2.6 series and this is causing some dramas with some people but I don't think these dramas are the fault of FC2 as such. I took the plunge and battled through my problems - like having to recompile some apps and the system deciding for me that I wanted to use cyrus-imapd (what a pain that package is!) but all said & done I had a fully migrated system in under an hour.

A friend of mine used yum to update a system and all he had to do was manually reinstall the grub bootloader!

If you're hesitant (and you should be when upgrading anyway!) why not take an image of your drive and upgrade that first? That works well for me when I have serious doubts.


Preston Crawford wrote:

Asking because I read this list and it seems like FC2 is not entirely
stable. And the way the roadmap read was that FC1 wouldn't be updated
once FC2 was stable. I use FC1 and I don't want to exchange its
trustworthiness for what I'm seeing out of FC2.


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