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Re: POP to mbox converter?

John Arthur wrote:

I am in the process of converting from OS/2 to Linux and I have
thousands of
e-mails saved in separate pop files. Does anybody know of a
program that can
convert all these pop files into mbox files? Or if I would have
to it myself
what is the precise structure of those mboxes?

Hi Eric,

For starters if you have thousands of emails you probably do not want to use
mbox. mbox stores all emails in one file so storing them in a maildir format
is better.

What I normally do to convert emails from MS Windows is to create a new
account on my IMAP server and simply drag & drop them in the email client
program normaly Outlook Express or Outlook 2000

Fedora comes with dovecot which I have not used and FC2 also has Cyrus
(Which I use on RH9) but it should make the conversion pretty simple.

Regards John

If the files are stored in maildir format , dovecot can handle them easily .. no need to convert them to mbox...
Now john , this is a interesting idea.. the problem is that this approach is not very scalable... If you have a few users , then it's simple.. but if your network has hundreds of users, then it'll be a daunting task...
I wonder if there is a easier way to do this kind of migration....

Pedro Macedo

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