Yahoo mail downloaded to Ximian Evolution?

Paul Howarth paul at
Fri Nov 12 16:51:21 UTC 2004

John Morrison wrote:
> I would also like to get this working, but so far i get logged in and
> nothing gets downloaded. I get the following:
> Logging in securely via SSL as myusername on Fri Nov 12 16:00:51 2004
> You are using 4% of your 100.0MB limit.
> Successfully logged in as myusername.
> Country code : uk       Folder: Inbox   Version: 2.8.6
> Getting Message ID(s) for message(s) 1 - 12.
> Got 0 Message IDs
> Finished downloading 0 messages.
> 0 message(s) have been deleted.
> Logged out.
> Any thoughts?

I'm getting this too (also a uk user). It looks like it's been happening for a 
while too (I don't get much mail on the yahoo account so I didn't miss it)! I 
downgraded back to version 2.8.5 and it appears to be working, so I think this 
will need to be taken up with the author.


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