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Re: Lexar CF Card Reader USB 2.0 on FC1


Frankly I'm stumbling in the dark here, trying to figure out why, every
time I connect this card reader with a card inserted to a box running
Fedora Core 1, the whole system hangs. I thought that maybe the
processor had something to do with it--but it also crashes my old
Gateway Solo 2500SE with the Pentium 233-MHz processor, so the AMD
Athlon/Duron issue can't be it.

The symptoms are these: The box probes every drive connected to it,
including the floppy and the CD-ROM and any other physical devices.
Then, suddenly, it starts flashing the CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK lights,
the mouse won't respond, and in general I need to execute an
uncontrolled, unclean shutdown.


On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 19:36, James Wilkinson wrote:
> Temlakos wrote:
> > 
> > (I
> > wonder whether it's an architectural mismatch--AMD Duron not quite being
> > an "athlon" or a "686"?), 
> I'm not quite sure what your point is there: I can't see any other
> mentions of Athlons or i686s, but a Duron is simply an Athlon with less
> level 2 cache [1]. Architecturally, and from a compatibility point of
> view, they should be identical, and fully compatible with kernels
> compiled for "i686" machines.
> James.

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