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Re: Can RedHat buy the old Swing from AOL for gcj ?

Freddy BL wrote:

I have red, that RedHat have buyd the Netscape Enterprise Services from AOL.


So, is it possible, to buy the rights of the old Swing from AOL?
Because I think, that the old Swing-implementation is still _a lot_ of better then the actual implementation of the GNU Classpath Swing.

I do not want to start a flamewar here, but Swing is nice but slow. And I don't think the "old Swing" would really be all that great, given its age, I'm doubtful it would be compatible with anything. I was thinking, is not the SWT from IBM free (as in source)? I couldn't find the license (didn't look too hard), and I don't really read lawyer-speak very well, so I'm hoping someone here saves me some digging, if they already know. :)


Andrey Andreev
University of Helsinki
Dept. of Computer Science

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