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Re: Lexar CF Card Reader USB 2.0 on FC1

I tried the below procedure.

At first it said something about not having something-or-other in
place--I can't recall what, because when everything froze, I lost it
all. I recall that it recognized the reader as a Lexar, but then kept
saying that USB drivers were timing out. And then suddenly it poured out
a lot of gibberish, ending in a string of hex codes that I can't
possibly recall--ending with the phrase "Kernel panic" and a notice
about "killing the interrupt handler." After that, my Caps Lock and Num
Lock LED's started to flash, and the system would not respond to
anything except a cold-turkey shutdown.

Just tho show you how new I am at this game--and that some might say
that Fedora Core was a poor choice for a total newcomer to Linux--I did
not appreciate what a "kernel panic" was until you told me to proceed as
I just did, and I read the above messages (as nearly as I can recall

All right--so the kernel flies into a panic and shuts down its interrupt
handler every time I connect the card reader. I assume that the other
machine does the same thing. So how do I get the kernel *not* to panic?


On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 08:35, James Wilkinson wrote:
> What happens if you press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to a text terminal, then
> connect the card reader?
> It throughly sounds as though you've got a kernel panic.
> James.

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