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Re: can't print with firefox 0.9

On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 15:24, Filippos Klironomos wrote:
> > 
> > Cups is already up and running (and working). I'll read the man pages of
> > lpadmin anyway.
> > 
> Right but that doesn't necessarily mean that a printer is set up.

Well, maybe i wasn't too clear. Sorry. I meant to say that cups is
working, i have a default printer installed and both openoffice and
evolution do print through cups. 

If your hint was to define and configure a default printer, i guess it
is already there. 

> Basically it is something like:
> lpadmin -p PrinterName -P <path to postscript ppd.gz file>
> you can add description for the printer with -D and location with -L
> but probably that's suprefluous for a local file printer.

Not a local printer - office printer that is directly attached to our
LAN. Until now, however, it really didn't make any difference. And still
i can't imagine why mozilla prints with the same command and firefox
doesn't. I couldn't find hints in logfiles.


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