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Re: does FC2 support NTFS ?

Am Fr, den 01.10.2004 schrieb C. Linus Hicks um 6:38:

> I have not installed the most recent kernel for FC2, so possibly it has
> changed, but the kernel sources RPM I have includes NTFS support. The

No, the Fedora kernels never supported NTFS (not by any FC 1 or FC 2
kernel). The fact that the Linux kernel source does contain the code for
building an NTFS module does not imply it is supported by Fedora

> kernel builds done by the FC team have it turned off, but the driver is
> there. All you have to do is build a new kernel after setting the proper
> option. If you use 'make menuconfig', you will find it under File
> systems --> DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems --> NTFS file system support. If you
> set that to 'Y' or 'M', then you will see two additional options.

The correct way is described by Arjan ("the Fedora kernel guy") in:


Rebuilding the whole kernel or at least running through a whole rebuild
of all modules is a waste of time.

> C. Linus Hicks <lhicks nc rr com>


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