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I need some recommendations on equipment thats FC2 supported to perform surveillance that will provide video and audio that will stand up in court. i.e. high enough in resolution to be regarded as credible. Just reading the specs on equipment I've Googled for doesn't tell me what I'm going to need. That requires experience I don't have.

One of my neighbors, directly across the street, is a nuisance. The rest of the neighborhood (5 homes) just got done having a meeting with local law enforcement to discuss how we go about altering his behavior. Long story short, we have to record that behavior, file charges and bring evidence to court. As the only professional computer geek I volunteered my help.

Among many many other things, Mr nuisance has a habit of going into his 4 car garage and revving the engine on one of his customized vehicles to red line at all hours of the day and night for a few minutes. No one knows why he does this, and its never long enough for the police to catch him at it but it does wake up the neighborhood, especially the kids. He will do the same for a vehicle parked in his drive way before he peals rubber onto the street and blasts thru the STOP sign. Every vehicle he owns (3 pickups, 2 cars, 1 Harley, 2 dirt bikes, 2 ATV, 1 mini motorcycle for his son) has the bare minimum of mufflers, and he marks his territory by constantly annoying his neighbors.

I need recommendations on equipment suitable to capture such action at a distance of 200 feet. Audio only at night would suffice as long as we can show video and audio of similar events during broad day light. The audio is the part that concerns me. I may have to have the equipment outdoors to get good audio.

I plan on training the camera at the street in front of his house which would also capture his house in the background, and connecting it to a video4linux setup running 24/7 with several hundred Gig of disk space.

Bill Gradwohl
bill ycc com
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