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Re: home networking: easy way?

On October 1, 2004 2:29 pm, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Very easy: after you have configured the shares on the Windows[tm] side
> open up nautilus (if running Gnome) or the KDE browser (if running KDE)
> and enter at the direction bar: smb://WIN_MACHINE_NAME. Quickly you will
> see the available shares the Windows[tm] host offers.

Right. Well, there are many assumptions hidden in your message, and one or 
more of them is not applicable to my case.

1. Maybe "configured shared on the Windows machine" doesn't mean what I think 
it does. I've gone on the administrator's account on the XP machine and 
follwed the help instructions (created a folder, right-clicked, selected 
"sharing", told it to share the folder on the network)

2. Maybe something more is needed on my computer. I installed samba (and swat 
and samba-client) on my FC2 machine, via "yum install samba" (and the 
corresponding commands for the other 2). The samba servers seem to start 
(smbd and nmbd are running) and swat works. The XP machine can see me (there 
is a "Samba Server (Trevor)" icon in the My Network Places) but it can not 
connect to me (double clicking on that icon results in a path not found or 
not reachable error or something).

3. I can't do as you say: smb://ISAAC in a Konqueror window. "Could not 
connect to host for smb://isaac/"

Any ieas about where I should start looking?

Trevor Smith // trevor haligonian com

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