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Re: Starting Samba on Fedora 2

Am Sa, den 02.10.2004 schrieb Paul C D Dann um 13:12:

> I have Fedora 2 Installed on 2 different machines.  I can't find a way of 
> starting samba except by opening System Setting/Server Settings/Samba,  then 
> clicking Preferences/Server Settings, and clicking OK - smbd and nmbd are 
> then seen to be running.  Entering "smbd" either as user or root (which I've 
> used  in the past)  results in  "command not found" .

> Paul D

Besides "chkconfig", which Robert already named, for setting up Samba in
the desired runlevels see "man service". "service smb start" will start
it, "service smb stop" will stop the Samba server.


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