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Re: adding items to the k menu

Øyvind Stegard wrote:
On Saturday 02 October 2004 08:30, Jorge Escobar wrote:

I have been trying to add some apps to the k menu, but
when I add an item the Menu Editor eveything looks
fine at first. It says its updating the system and it
will show the new item in the Menue Editor but it
won't show in the actual menu, and will be gone from
the Menu Editor when I reopen the editor. Can anyone help?

I think menu editing is disabled in the official Fedora KDE packages. I sincerely recommmend that you use the KDE-Redhat project's KDE packages for FC2, instead. These are much more updated (you get KDE3.3), and menu editing is _not_ disabled. (And they are not otherwise RedHat-fsck'ed)

Check out this page: http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net/

On the bottom of the page it tells you have you can add the KDE-Redhat repositories to your yum.conf (assuming you are using yum).


I'm not sure about FC2, but on my FC1 machine kmenuedit works just fine, with the kmenuedit that came with the distro (in which case Jorge's problem is something else).


Jaime J. Davila
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Hampshire College
School of Cognitive Science
jdavila at hampshire dot edu

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