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Re: Installing RPMs

Am Sa, den 02.10.2004 schrieb Anthony Johnson um 15:19:

> If I go to the command line, become super user, change to the
> appropriate directory, I type rpm j2re-1.4.2-8.1.fc2.dag.i586.rpm and
> hit enter; an installation process appears to be occurring.  I type rpm
> -q j2re-1.4.2-8.1.fc2.dag.i586.rpm.  I am told that it is not installed.
> How do I diagnose the problem?  How do I remedy the situation?

Run "rpm -Uvh packagename.rpm" to better see what's happening. If
querying the rpm database don't use the full package name with version
number, dist tag, arch and suffix. "rpm -q j2re" is the proper command.
See "man rpm" and the documentation on www.rpm.org, especially the
max-rpm document is helpful.


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