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Re: K3B fails to burn DVD-RW discs

Filippos Klironomos wrote:


When I ejected the blank DVD+RW's after the failed burn, they appear to
have data written on the inner part of the disc, but K3B doesn't even
start the write before it fails.

What does 'dvd+rw-mediainfo' return when you have DVD+RW in the drive?

Notice as well that you should turn off automount when you want to
burn things on CD/DVD. First you have to burn and then mount. So if
you get a pop up window after inserting the DVD or CD in the drive,
close the window and make sure the CD or DVD is not mounted anymore
before you burn.

2.6.7 kernel. When I insert a blank CD/DVD, KDE doesn't automount it. Only automounts discs with data/music.

I got it working, but I still don't know what was wrong. In the K3B burn menu, if I selected the burn speed as auto or manually specified 2.4x or or 4x, I got that error. Auto is the default setting too. I tried the "ignore" option instead and it burned fine. Go figure.


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