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Re: code of process scheduling

this topic is really much more closely related to the linux kernel mailing list.

you should also try googling on the 0(1) scheduler which is the current one in the 2.6 kerrnel series.

On Sat, 2 Oct 2004, abhijit kumar wrote:

dear programmers!
 i am student pursuing a project on CORE fedora2. i want to change
the sceduling algorithms used by the linux kernel and apply other
algorithms.as, far as i know they implement round-robn algorithms.for
changing in linux kernel code  i want to know exactly where the kernel
code relating process sceduling resides.(i.e. what is the path of the
file containing the code related to the process scheduling and how
much they are interrelated to other file.)
 waiting for reply!
( i've also posted this request to developer list)

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