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Re: upgrading from FC1 to FC2 with yum!

Timothy Murphy wrote:

W. Guy Thomas wrote:

Wow, this doesn't look good. It has completely stopped after the first
package libgcc. No disk activity, no nic activity.

In you opinion do I let it sit or is my upgrade completely dead and my
system hosed?
It has been this way for about 20 minutes...

I've no idea of the cause of this. But as a matter of interest, what yum command did you give?

Had you run "yum update" under FC-1?> >

I'm not a yum expert,
but I do wonder if one runs "yum update"
just before a new Fedora distribution,
are there likely to be many more rpm updates involved?

I killed the process. Am starting over. Cleaned out the /var/cache/yum folder.

Logged out and started a fresh terminal with ctrl-alt-f1.
"yum upgrade" running again.

the reason I am doing this is because the cdrom is dead in this laptop, and when I smbmount a cd to do an upgrade from my XP machine, Fedora freaks out when I have to swap cd's. So this is my only choice.

The FC2 distro doesn't have the same bootable floppies that FC1 has so I can't use that. Otherwise I'd just nuke the whole laptop and install a fresh FC2 from a network floppy and FTP it.

Fun fun. Looks like another few hours here.

Guess I'll go get a 6 pack. Better yet, a 12 pack.



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