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Re: plustek 100 parallel scanner question

Am Sa, den 02.10.2004 schrieb Jude DaShiell um 20:28:

> Is this scanner linux-compatible?  I didn't find its number in the sane 
> documentation and I haven't yet figured out how to adjust the sane back 
> ends configuration file to make this one work.  If it's not compatible, 
> does linux have a linux-scanners.org site listing scanners that are 
> compatible?

If I remember correctly I already pointed you to a former thread with
subject "pp scanner" where Florian Idelberger requested help for his
parallel port Plustek scanner.


That list posting contains the links to the sites with documentation and
drivers. If your scanner is not listed there, then there is no chance
that it ever will run with Linux.


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