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Re: upgrading from FC1 to FC2 with yum!

Truls Gulbrandsen wrote:

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W. Guy Thomas wrote:

| Oh my goodness, only 1395 packages to complete. I guess this will
| be running overnight. It's 1:45pm here and it just finished libgcc,
| the first package.
| zzzzzzzzzzzzz
| =G
| W. Guy Thomas wrote:
|> It's looking good so far. I upgraded yum itself first, then did a
|>  yum clean all, then moved modules.conf to modules.anacbak (not
|> sure why I had to do this but it was recommended), then a yum
|> upgrade...
|> It has taken about 3 hours and it appears it grabbed everything
|> including the 2.6 kernel. Running test transaction now.
|> Keep your fingers crossed. If I'm lucky ALSA might even work this
|>  time so I don't have to OSS again and shell out 20 bucks just
|> for sound.
|> This is a great mailer guys. Thanks for all your helpl.
|> =Guy
I see you are having trouble upgrading, please see this page for
advice - it worked for me:


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by the way...
after downloading all packages, it gets to "running test transaction" and then "Success!".
did you have to wait a LOOOOONNNNGGG time after this?
on my first goround it finally went past this and did exactly one package upgrade then appeared to die.
I waited 30 minutes but not a single blink on the hard drive, and I opened another console and checked "top" and everything was "asleep".

let me know if I should just let it sit after that first package upgrade. thanks.


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