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Re: upgrading from FC1 to FC2 with yum!

Jon Savage wrote:

the reason I am doing this is because the cdrom is dead in this laptop,
and when I smbmount a cd to do an upgrade from my XP machine, Fedora
freaks out when I have to swap cd's. So this is my only choice.

The FC2 distro doesn't have the same bootable floppies that FC1 has so I
can't use that. Otherwise I'd just nuke the whole laptop and install a
fresh FC2 from a network floppy and FTP it.

Fun fun. Looks like another few hours here.

Guess I'll go get a 6 pack. Better yet, a 12 pack.



There is also a way to put the diskboot.img (I think thats the right
file) on your HD along with the ISO images. I don't remember exactly
how but you then edit grub to boot off of the diskboot.img (or
whichever the correct file is). This should get you an environment
from which you can choose to do a HD (or network) install.

Enjoy your beer!

the beer is helping! heheh.

I am also (while doing this yum upgrade) :

1. setting up my wife's new laptop with XP
2. configuring her new wireless router for her retail store
3. rebuilding our scanning server
4. babysitting our two year old daughter (my wife is in mexico buying furniture for the store)
5. trying to cook some food for said little girl
6. wishing I had a faster laptop for FC2.
7. making some changes to my online forum (won't post the link unless someone is interested, it's art/politics/craziness stuff)
8. watching "alice in wonderland" for the umteenth time, my daughter loves it. I don't

ok, let me check this FC2 yum thing.

take care. <sound of beer opening>


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