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Re: upgrading from FC1 to FC2 with yum!

W. Guy Thomas wrote:

W. Guy Thomas wrote:

Mike Burger wrote:

On Sat, 2 Oct 2004, W. Guy Thomas wrote:

It's looking good so far. I upgraded yum itself first, then did a yum clean all, then moved modules.conf to modules.anacbak (not sure why I had to do this but it was recommended), then a yum upgrade...

It has taken about 3 hours and it appears it grabbed everything including the 2.6 kernel.
Running test transaction now.

Keep your fingers crossed. If I'm lucky ALSA might even work this time so I don't have to OSS again and shell out 20 bucks just for sound.

This is a great mailer guys. Thanks for all your helpl.

FWIW, you don't have to pay again for OSS. When I upgraded from RHL9 to FC2, I had to rerun the install/config, but it worked just fine.

Well, the interesting thing is. I blew up my original FC1 last night during the attempted upgrade, not sure what happened, but the system was hosed and would only start to boot, then just die.
So I had to do a fresh FC1 install since I can only use FC1 because of the regular floppy boot disks.
then start the upgrade process.
so it's on a fresh hard drive with bare/basic FC1. OSS isn't even installed yet.

downloading all the packages (second attempt) now.

poor little laptop...lol...

but with fluxbox on it it really is a nice little ride.

will update soon, should be getting to testing consistencies in a little while...

2nd attempt blew up with not enough space.
so I edited yum.conf and pointed only to "base", not "extras"...
going round the 3rd time...
at least in about an hour I can put my daughter to bed and try some concentration for a change.



I meant "updated", not "extras"
Man I hope this works, I miss my linux box.
This XP crap is so boring.

The wireless router is up though. And the wife's laptop screams at 54g wireless. Cool.

ok, I'll stop updating the mailer. just needed a bit of feedback.
take care.


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