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Re: xcdroast

Lonnie Cumberland wrote:

Thanks All.

got it configured and am able to burn CD images.


Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am So, den 03.10.2004 schrieb Lonnie Cumberland um 2:15:

I need to burn an iso image but cannot seem to locate where in xcdroast to specify the iso image file? I have found that "cdrecord -scanbus" only sees my SCSI drives an not my ID cdrecord -eject -v speed=4 dev=4,0 cooker.iso
E CDROM burner as well.

There is a lot of discussion (questions, problems and answer) to be
found in this list's archive about the topic "cdrecord". To set it up
correctly search a bit.

Does Fedora 2 have another applicaiton that is easier to use to burn CD iso images?

Maybe you find k3b easier to use. But once /etc/cdrecord.conf configured
properly there is nothing more easy than just to run "cdrecord -v



please post this as "SOLVED" so we can look it up later.
glad you got it going!


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