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Re: xcdroast

On Sat, 2 Oct 2004, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:

> Hello All,
> I need to burn an iso image but cannot seem to locate where in xcdroast 
> to specify the iso image file?  I have found that "cdrecord -scanbus" 
> only sees my SCSI drives an not my IDE CDROM burner as well.

FWIW, I still use the ide-scsi emulation on my FC2 system, which works 
flawlessly.  To do so, you just add "hdd=ide-scsi" to the kernel line in 
your grub.conf (or lilo.conf, substituting the device name for your 
burner in place of hdd, if necessary), and reboot.

However, did you go into the Setup button when you started up X-CD-Roast?  
Your burner should show up there.

That having been said, specifying the location of an ISO file has nothing 
to do with getting an IDE burner to work.  Also in the setup button, in 
the "HD Settings" tab, you can add paths in which you've already got the 
ISO files stored.

Once you've got those options saved, from the main screen, select "Create 
CD/DVD" and select the "Write Tracks" button.

Now, select the "Layout tracks" tab, click on the image that you want to 
burn, and click the "Add" button.

Next, select the "Write tracks" tab, and click the "Write tracks" button 
and voila, you should be on your way.

> Does Fedora 2 have another applicaiton that is easier to use to burn CD 
> iso images?

Easier?  Don't know.  FC2 comes with an app called k3b, but I haven't used 
it, yet.  There have been a number of known bugs whereby k3b couldn't burn 
a disc unless you were logged in as root, su'd to root, or used sudo to 
run it.  

I've been happy with xcdroast and ide-scsi emulation, to date.

Mike Burger

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