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Re: evolution spam filtering.

Am So, den 03.10.2004 schrieb Pasha um 18:18:

> What are the possibilities to setup spam filtering in evolution? It 
> looks that it is possible to pipe messages through spamassassin. Is 
> there any better way?

>  Pavel.

Spam tagging / filtering (sorting) is more effective and quicker if done
on the mail server and not client side. But you not always have the
possibility to enhance a mail server this way, especial if you can not
control it. Your mail lacks this information. If you are sticked to
client based filtering then setup Evolution with SpamAssassin as shown
on several to be found using google. Take care what you enable with SA,
especially RBL checks and other plug-ins like pyzor or razor can prolong
the spam detection process and this way the mail filtering.

There are other bayes algorithm based products as well.


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