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Re: could you help interpret my logs?

Am So, den 03.10.2004 schrieb Julian Underwood um 17:12:

> Well I know someone was trying to gain access to my FC 2 server:

A known person?

> sshd:
>    Authentication Failures:
>       root ( 59 Time(s)
>       adm ( 2 Time(s)
>       apache ( 1 Time(s)
>       cyrus ( 1 Time(s)
>       matt ( 1 Time(s)
>       mysql ( 1 Time(s)
>       nobody ( 1 Time(s)
>       operator ( 1 Time(s)

Hm, this looks like a strategic attempt. The SSH attacks I know do not
try accounts like cyrus or apache.

> su:
>    Sessions Opened:
>       (uid=0) -> julian: 2 Time(s)
>       (uid=0) -> cyrus: 1 Time(s)
>       (uid=0) -> news: 1 Time(s)
>       julian(uid=500) -> root: 1 Time(s)
> It also looks like the attacker was successful in logging in as cyrus
> and news.  Is this possible?  Could this be potentially damaging to my
> system?  Or is this something normal which I am overlooking?

From what do you conclude that the attacker logged in as cyrus and news?
I would think it was you as root doing so by running "su - $username".
(One time su'ing from julian to root.) The logwatch entries point to su
actions. If it wasn't you, then switch off the machine from net, as a
foreign person has root control over the host.

> Second question about my log are the following entries:
> dovecot-auth: pam_succeed_if: requirement "uid < 100" not met by user

> I get about 50 of these daily, how can I make them go away?

You could comment the line 
account     sufficient   /lib/security/$ISA/pam_succeed_if.so uid < 100

in /etc/pam.d/system-auth. See

BUT: be very careful "hacking" in the PAM configuration! You can easily
get a state where not any login is possible due to misconfiguration.

> Julian


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