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Re: new kernel 2.6 and USB (hid) error

James Wilkinson wrote:

W. Guy Thomas wrote:

I upgraded my kernel this morning to 2.6 from 2.4 and can't get into X because it won't find the mouse.
This is a laptop with a built in pointing device, no external mouse.

then later:

This didn't work.

And I'm not at FC2 just yet but hope to be by tonite.

Well, it's probably a bit late by now, but check /etc/X11/XF86.conf for Section "InputDevice" where it says Identifier "Mouse", and change the Device to /dev/input/mice .

This then probably won't work with 2.4: you might want a bit of
scripting to choose the "right" XF86.conf at boot depending on the
kernel version.


hrmmm...no such file.

in /etc/X11 I have a number of folders and files (I'm on my XP box typing this or I would post a capture of it...)

but no XF86.conf...

I think I'll go light the grill. I have been knocking my head for 4 days now.
I need a steak.

Thanks if you have any other suggestions, either about the USB/mouse problem or the FC2 upgrade issue.


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