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Re: NVidia drivers on FC2?


I tried to install and during installation got the following messages:

1) rivafb driver conflicts with the NVIDIA driver.....NVIDIA driver will not
function properly if rivafb module is loaded

How do I know if it is being loaded or not? How do I not load it?

Also, while installing, there is a message:

idia: module license NVIDIA taints kernel.

And the gdm problem does not go away!

Thanks and best wishes!

--- Patrick May <patrick pmmay sytes net> wrote:

> > In our experience NVIDIA drivers are all gotten from www.nvidia.com
> > You doenload the shell script , follow the instructions and it is easy
> > to install.
> > 
> I just did this a few hours ago. Took me about 10 minutes to download, read
> the doc, compile and install on FC2. Just follow along in the doc.
> Patrick
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