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Re: new kernel 2.6 and USB (hid) error

On Sun, 2004-10-03 at 22:04, William Anderson wrote:
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> Hi,
> The stub pointer thing, an IBM Trackpoint II, on my Toshiba laptop is a
> ps2 mouse and has nothing to do with the USB subsystem. Did you enable
> the ps2 mouse drivers when you configured your new kernel?
> I hope that this helps,
> William

Interesting, this is a Toshiba laptop, an old 330CDT.
A great little beast for linux.
But no, I didn't configure a damn thing in the kernel as I just did a
"yum upgrade-kernel".

So yeah, it has nothing to do with USB, I know that for sure, however
that is the error that's stopping X from running.
I can see it at boot time. It gets USB errors for mouse keyboard and
something else, can't remember now...then gets to my login screen (text
mode) and cycles thru that 3 times then says "your mouse is hosed, X
won't run" basically.

I've googled for 3 days doing all this and I'm basically  back where I
started, with FC1 and kernel 2.4.

Oh well, my sound doesn't work anymore either since I rebuilt this

I'm tired.

If anyone has a suggestion on the following please let me know:

1. How to fix kernel upgrade from 2.4 to 2.6 having USB loading
problems, not seeing mouse, thus killing X at boot.

2. How to upgrade from FC1 to FC2 with  no cdrom. (I am experimenting
with this right now however...fingers crossed.)

3. Sound drivers with ALSA. We'll keep this for last. Number 1 and 2 are
tops right now.

Thanks guys. Let me check this attempted upgrade.


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