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Re: NVidia drivers on FC2?

Am Mo, den 04.10.2004 schrieb Globe Trotter um 5:03:

> I tried to install and during installation got the following messages:
> 1) rivafb driver conflicts with the NVIDIA driver.....NVIDIA driver will not
> function properly if rivafb module is loaded

The is normal, if you call it that. A warning, nothing else.

> How do I know if it is being loaded or not? How do I not load it?

Just don't run rivafb based framebuffer on console.

> Also, while installing, there is a message:
> idia: module license NVIDIA taints kernel.

Because the NVidia.com driver is a kernel module which is not under GPL.
The message means: if experiencing problems where the module is
involved, don't bother the kernel hackers with it.


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