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Re: Printing issues

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Hi Mick,

FC2 uses the Common Unix Printing System, or CUPS, by default. This has
changed since RH9. The port 631 on (localhost, or the local
computer) is where the CUPS server will listen for connections for
configuration and status.

I also had trouble when upgrading from RH9 to FC1 then to FC2 with the
changing printer subsystem. I ended up uninstalling the lprng packages,
installing CUPS, and recreating all of my printer configuration using
the CUPS web interface.

Likely, CUPS was not installed when you upgraded, or if it was, is not
active but something else that expects to use CUPS was installed.

Where do you get the "connect to" message? The lpr error
is saying that there is no print server running on the computer.

What do you mean that the upgrade was not clean? What happened to make
you say this? If the upgrade was interrupted or did not complete
successfully, then your whole system may be screwed. It may be easier to
~ install from scratch then to try to fix the problems.

Hope that this helps,


Mick wrote:
| Hi all
| I have done an upgrade from RH 9 to Fedora core 2
| I can not connect to
| when attempting to print i get
| " lpr: unable to print file: server-error-service-unavailable "
| var log messages
| " pr: unable to print file: server-error-service-unavailable "
| the upgrade was not a clean one
| i am sus that i am missing a package or something
| any help would be greatly appreciated
| Regards Mick
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