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Re: Probelm installing RPMs


Tim Bradshaw wrote:
I am running Fedora Core 2. Before now it has allowed installation via Install Packages without problem. Now I get an error message "Unable to read package. Be sure you have proper permissions to use this file." I checked the permissions and they are completely allowed, read-write-execute etc., and it shows my non-root user account as the owner. I tried to install via root login, but got the same error. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or have a suggestion as to what I shoudl try? Everything else on the system seems to work fine.

AFAIK a normal user can never install rpm's except they are relocatable, or they are build using a non priviledged path. Which files did you check? Did you change permissions for them before? Try to rebuild you rpm database by executing (as root)

rpm --rebuilddb

Does this work without any errors? Have you tried different way to



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