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Re: newbie to mailing list - Mono question

fedora-list riddlermarc net wrote:
Thanks for the rsponse.. sorry, I'm not sure who/what DAG is?

Dag Wieërs is a guy who manages a Yum/Apt RPM repository for Fedora. Read further to figure out what this means.

The idea of repositories is that someone manages, e.g. a web-server with a consistent collection of RPMs, so that all dependencies are satisfied within a repository. Then you and me use some tool (I use yum), to install and update the software packaged in the RPMs. If I want to install mono, I will run (as root)

yum install mono

Then yum will connect to my list of repositories, find mono, find out if it has any dependencies, get them too, download, install and configure mono. It is really that easy.

If you want to update every package on your machine, that is available in your repositories, you run as root

yum update

and off you go.

Now, you'd want to add some repositories to your /etc/yum.conf so that yum would know where you want it to search.

I use the following yum repositories, mostly without any problem.

	ATrpms - Stable (Most Stable) Fedora Core 2
	Fedora Core 2 - i386 - Base
	Dag APT Repository Fedora Core 2
	Dries APT/YUM Repository Fedora Core 2
	Fedora.us Extras - Fedora Core 2
	FreshRPMs Fedora Core 2
	Livna.org - Fedora Compatible Packages (stable) Fedora Core 2
	macromedia.mplug.org - Flash Plugin
	Fedora Core 2 NewRPMS.sunsite.dk
	Fedora Core 2 - i386 - Released Updates

You should see http://www.fedorafaq.org/#installsoftware for fine instructions.

Get the yum.conf that is linked in the article, uncomment the section labeled [dag], and use it.

If you hate your command line, then you want to look up some equivalent information about configuring apt-get (something that does the same job as yum), and get yourself a Synaptic (a nice GUI frontend for apt-get). Plenty of instructions on the web.



Andrey Andreev
University of Helsinki
Dept. of Computer Science

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