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Wine crashes on File Selection dialog

My FC2 Wine installation crashes (without any message displayed) on
every application which shows the std. file selection dialog (eg File -
Open) as soon as I change the directory in the dialog or click "OK" or
"Cancel". This even happens with the stock "notepad" that comes with
Wine. "Winefile" however can browse the file systems correctly, without

I'm running wine-20040914-1fc2winehq.i686.rpm from winehq.org. I tried a
stock install (default config file /etc/wine/config) and let wine create
and populate my ~/.wine directory. I'm not modifying anything in the
config, Ie I also run without a local MS copy.

Before I start digging deep about debugging wine, has anyone heard about
this before or an idea about a quick solution?

HaJo Schatz <hajo hajo net>

PGP-Key:  http://www.hajo.net/hajonet/keys/pgpkey_hajo.txt

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