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Re: Create DVD

Kevin Waterson wrote:
I have downloaded the src tree

How can I create a bootable DVD for installation?

Kind regards

Houston, we have a problem(s).

1. We have no idea which software on what operating system you intend to use to burn your dvd.
2. You should have downloaded only *ONE* (1) file instead of a tree.
3. That file should not have "src" or "SRPMS" in its name.

Unless I have grossly misunderstood what you've done so far, you should go forthwith to http://fedora.redhat.com/download/#understand and read that carefully.

Also, unless you are absolutely certain that your burning software will allow you to burn an image that is > 2GB, downloading the 4 or 5 individual CD images and burning each to a CD would make a lot more sense.

Good luck!

Current Time is Mon Oct 4 08:22:21 CDT 2004
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