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Re: Surveillance

On Sun, 3 Oct 2004, jdow wrote:

From: "Jon Savage" <jonathansavage gmail com>

I must say, this has been the most interesting topic I've seen
on this list. Its a real-world application. When you get it
working you should write an article for a magazine such as Linux
Format - they'd snap it up quick as winking.\
I concur this is interesting as heck. You may also want to double
check w/ your local law enforcement folks to ensure that nothing you
do runs afoul of the law. I look forward to reading about whatever
solution you arrive at.

I have a nasty turn of mind sometimes, Jon. I got to thinking about traceable to NIST. If the instrument used was ever compared to an instrument with documentation for its tractability to NIST then the instrument used is also traceable to NIST with suitable comments about the accuracy of the tractability. Traceable to within 10dB is indeed still traceable and usable in court if the lawyer does not let himself be bullied about it.

(And if the fellow needs better than 10dB of accuracy to prove the noisemaker is out of tolerable limits then he's in trouble to prove his whole case to begin with.)

take a picture of your spl meter. of course there's that whole distance problem with sound energy.

(And by the time you get to 20dB even a cheap Rat Shack meter is
probably traceable with 2 minutes of work and an hour of paper work.)


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