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Re: Sharing my printer for a Windoze machine?

Am Mo, den 04.10.2004 schrieb Søren Neigaard um 18:18:

> In my printer properties I have enabled sharing, but I guess I have to
> open up a port in my firewall for this, but what port?

$ grep -i IPP /etc/services
ipp             631/tcp                         # Internet Printing
ipp             631/udp                         # Internet Printing

> And does this sharing work for a windows client, can I print to my
> printer attached to my FC2 box from a windows box just like that, or
> what does it take to set this up?

If the Windows[tm] is XP or 2000, then it can directly print to the IPP
printer out-of-the-box. Other Windows[tm] versions can do use IPP too,
like Win98 with


> Søren


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