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Re: CUPS color balance problem

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Has the color balance problem existed for the whole time that you have
used this printer, or is this a new problem? I have had no trouble
printing to a HP Deskjet 855c, 672c, 855cxi, 1600c, and Tektronix Phaser
560 color laser printer.

Which CUPS deskjet printer driver are you using? There are two HP
Deskjet printer drivers supplied with the FC2 version of CUPS:
	HP Deskjet Series CUPS v1.1 (en)
	HP New Deskjet Series CUPS v1.1 (en)

Try the other driver and see if it makes a difference.

Hope that this helps,


Temlakos wrote: | Hello: | | For about a year, I've printed color documents on an HP DeskJet 820Cse | (that's right: their "Special Edition" for Windows only) using the CUPS | driver. The major problem is that the color balance is totally off. The | test page color wheel has blank white where yellow should be, and gray | where white should be. Yellows don't show up at all. At first I blamed | the cartridge--right up to the point where I substituted another | tricolor cartridge and got the same result. I also sent a job to that | printer from Windows, and the colors were properly in balance, with all | the yellows in place. | | Is this a problem with CUPS, or was there always something about the | DeskJet 820Cse that I never took into account? In setting up the print | queues on my Linux machines (both of them), I used the DeskJet 820C | driver--because CUPS *has no* driver labeled 820Cse. | | I'm thinking of getting another color printer that is on the CUPS driver | list--I have several to choose from, with a wide variety of interfaces. | (I'm not inclined to get a multifunction job--apparently Fedora support | for them is even more limited, if recent threads are at all indicative.) | Does anyone else have color-balance problems with sending color jobs to | color printers using CUPS? If so, how did you solve them? And if anyone | could tell me what numbers on the existing 820C driver I can play around | with, to get the yellows back the way they should be, I'd appreciate it. | | Temlakos | | -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)


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