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Re: Specifying DNS information in a network profile

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Luke McCarthy wrote:
| Hi,
| I am currently using two network profiles to control the behaviour of my
| ethernet device.  I use DHCP at home, but work requires me to specify a
| static IP.  My DHCP server at home supplies DNS info, but right now I
| have to manually specify name servers every time I switch into the work
| profile.  Is there any way to specify DNS info (nameservers and search
| suffix) in the device profile itself?
| I know you can specify the gateway in the ifcfg-eth? file, even though
| this option isn't available from redhat-config-network.  Is there a
| similar option available to specify nameservers?
| Thanks,
| Luke

Hi Luke,

I recently had the exact same problem between home and school. The
problem is that dhcp_client replaces the resolv.conf file when it
assigns a dynamic IP address and DNS information. The trick is to
configure the static IP profile to replace the DNS information when it
is activated.

Assuming that you are using Fedora Core 2, go the Network Configuration
tool and select the profile that uses the static IP address. Click on
the DNS tab, and enter the host name, search path, and name server ip
address for the static network in the entry fields. Save the profile
settings and reactivate the profile. the DNS settings will be copied to
the resolv.conf file.

My remaining problem is that dhcp_client also replaces the ntp
configuration files, but there is no place to reset these values in the
static profile configuration.

Hopefully this helps,


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